About Jeff and PSTEC


There is an old kahuna saying:
‘A ‘ohe pau ka’ike I ka halau ho ‘okahi
(All knowledge is not taught in one school)

Jeff HardingI have spent several years immersing myself in the infinite uses of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).  I have created and conducted EFT workshops, teleconferences and online programs to not only help spread the use of this effective tool, but also to personally help more and more people become even more imperturbable to the challenges of this life.

I gravitated to EFT for three main reasons:
1. It is simple,
2. The founder is very giving,
3. The method was about clearing away the barriers and when we do, well, we begin to not only understand, but live with infinite possibilities!

Suddenly, PSTEC came into my experience and I asked “Why.”  After all, I had already experienced countless and wonderful moments within my own Being as well as helping to guide others along their own personal path of peace.  So, why even look at another method…after all, I am trying to simplify, right?

Well, the answer was a gentle nudge that said, “Just look.”  I checked to be sure the nudge came with J.E.E.P. (joy, excitement, enthusiasm, peace) and when I felt all was clear, I proceeded to begin working with PSTEC for myself and my clients.

Guess what I found?  I found PSTEC to be a tool that provided even more benefits to myself and others.

I ascertained that PSTEC fulfilled the three criteria above, but I also felt that it just might be even more simple than EFT and, after all the founder, Tim Phizackerley, was giving the Basic PSTEC Program to everyone freely…no charge!

So, off we go as my clients and I “huli the bowl” some more (more on that later) … or, in other words, remove our barriers.

I have already seen some wonderful results amongst my clients with PSTEC and some cool experiments in my own experience as well!

So, grab your iPod or mp3 player and start clickin’ and you just might find the path that leads you to more J.E.E.P. in this life…and we can never have enough J.E.E.P., can we?

If you ever have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me by visiting the contact page: